A Comprehensive Guide to Fat Dissolving Injections

Not all fat on your body can be dealt with exercise and diet. This is often referred to as stubborn fat and it is a problem that both men and women have to face at some point, particularly when you start aging. It is not possible to choose the area of the body from which to lose fat, which means that toning down some areas can be a tad difficult. The area under the chin and your face are just some examples.

Luckily, you can opt for fat dissolving injections because these are a non-surgical procedure that can be quite effective for breaking down and absorbing the fat. You can use these injections for giving yourself a contoured jawline as it will get rid of all the stubborn fat underneath your chin. However, you should bear in mind that fat dissolving injections cannot do anything for loose skin. They can only break down submental fat. You will have to consult with a doctor in order to determine how many fat dissolving injections will be required.

Typically, two sessions are conducted for dissolving the stubborn fat cells, but it can also vary, depending on the amount of fat you have underneath the chin. Generally, these injections are administered every six to eight weeks. As far as the procedure itself is concerned, you don’t need to worry because it is relatively fast and painless. A local anesthetic is given to the patient, which can automatically minimize any discomfort you may feel during the procedure. The entire procedure doesn’t take longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

Once you have received fat dissolving injections, the area will be a little red and have slight swelling. The skin may also sting and feel warm. These symptoms will go away within 48 hours of undergoing treatment.

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