Everyone has a face shape, which matters a lot when accessorizing. As a fact, you should choose earrings based on your face shape and not how great a pair looks. It may be fancy, but it may not highlight your unique facial features resulting in an all plain look. Earrings come in different shapes, styles, and designs to suit everyone’s face type. But first, you must figure out your face type and then use this guide to find out the best kind of earrings that align with your face shape. Here we will look at the most common face types.

Oval-shaped faces

This face type resembles an oval shape appearing like it is almost fairly even. With the right pair of earrings, it is easy to create further dimensions. For this type of face, button-shaped earrings are suitable as they emphasize the middle part of the face and ornate studs, which bring out a glamourous look. Polished but delicate hoops are also ideal for this type of face. The good thing with oval-shaped faces is that they are extended but with soft edges that make them versatile. Therefore, any earring would go well with an oval face shape, including an ear cuff.

Heart-shaped faces

With heart-shaped faces, the forehead is full, but it narrows down to a pointed chin. If you have this type of look, it means you have lower temples with a gradual jawline. Jacket and drop earrings are the perfect styles to enhance your facial features as they direct the eye down from a broad chin, which is the ideal way to improve your overall look.

Round-shaped faces

For round-shaped faces, the nose, eyes, and mouth are shaped similarly, and the face is all-round on the sides. That way, one can offset the uniform width and length with pointed earings. Many people with round faces look great in earrings with sharp angles. Moreover, beautiful chandelier earrings always look stunning next to rounded cheeks bringing out an elegant look.

Square shaped faces

Square-shaped faces are characterized by corners in the forehead and a sharp jawline. Some have dramatic features that make the square shape appear resting. If yours is a square-shaped face, go for hoops and buggies earrings to diminish the face’s angular lines and bring out a lively look. Again circular studs would go well with your face type to refresh your fashion, while smaller earings would bring out your natural beauty.

Rectangular shaped faces

For a rectangular shaped face, look for wider earrings and skip the long and narrow ones. That is because a long or narrow earring will make your face look longer and drawn. But look for earrings that are elongated near the cheeks.

Diamond-shaped faces

A diamond faced shape is wide and features angular cheekbones. Usually, the forehead and chin are slim connecting at soft points. People with this face type are rare and are well-suited by elongated earrings such as the dangling ones. Climbers are also the latest trend or style that matches well with diamond face types. In general, many earring types will suit this type of face.


Although you can always experiment with different earring designs, if you want your face to stand out, you have to consider your face’s shape when looking for the perfect earrings.

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