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What the return of Britpop style looks like now

Britpop is derived from a music and cultural movement in the middle of the 1990s that emphasised “Britishness” and produced rock music that was seen as catchier and more popular than US grunge music.


Bands particularly associated with this genre include Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp – groups that came to be known as the “Big Four”. The era of Britpop is considered to be from 1993 to 1997, with a chart battle between Oasis and Blur in 1994 and 1995 nicknamed “The Battle of Britpop” and considered by many to be the peak of the movement.

Although music was the main focus, politics, art and fashion also got involved and included artists such as Damien Hirst creating music videos for Blur, and New Labour and Tony Blair aligning themselves with this movement. Many fans of Britpop were also fans of dance acts such as the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy, and this added to the appeal of Britpop as a brand. Music fans and celebrities wanted to be associated with its image, which was considered extremely cool.

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Although Britpop is often considered to have been a very successful marketing tool, it was also a cultural moment in history that still influences fashion today. Recent fashion shows have included designers featuring sweaters, hoodies and polos all inspired by this time, and it has also led to the wearing of sportswear as fashion wear.

Festival Style

Other Britpop-inspired outfits hitting the catwalk in recent months include tartan bucket hats and oversized cagoules, along with chunky high-top sneakers, baggy hoodies and checked Harrington jackets all teamed with matching chinos in a throwback to the era of Oasis and Glastonbury 1995.

Polo shirts, vintage brands and festival gear are as popular today as they’ve always been. For a more alternative look, check out these top celebrities styles recently highlighted by GQ magazine. Stores such as sell a variety of menswear including Farah shirts for every occasion.

With music festivals rising in popularity and more and more events being held each year, the festival look is all about music, culture and fashion. Britpop was born out of being proud to be British and owning a style, so this mixture of fashion and culture is one that still lives on today.


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