The Best Lingerie for Your Body Type


From hourglass shape to athletic, women come in different sizes and shapes. Every woman needs a set of lingerie that makes her feel sexy and comfortable in her skin. You might be a pear-shaped woman who wants to conceal a body part that another pear-shaped woman wants to accentuate. Every individual is beautiful and unique. The secret to shopping for lingerie is knowing what best complements your body and shows off your best assets. This guideline reveals the best lingerie for different body types.

Bralettes are suitable for those with a small chest and need less support. There is a wide range of bralette designs, some which are padded and others unpadded. If you want to amp a small chest, the padded bralette is your best bet. Low cut styles with shorter cups will show more breast making them seem larger.

A matching set simply means a bra that matches your panties. This style comes in various designs that suit all body types. Matching sets draw attention to your body as a whole without focusing on a specific feature. Rank & Style showcases alluring sets for all body types.

In ancient times, corsets were a restrictive garment and patriarchal objects of power. The traditional corsets were intended to achieve an hourglass figure with boned seams and laced up. There are different designs of corsets for various types. The under burst corset make your breasts appear perkier. The silhouette corset put more emphasis on the wait and the waist clincher is aimed at flattening the tummy. All body types can wear corsets depending on the curves you want to define

Also termed as the suspender belt, the garter belt is made of delicate material or lace that wraps around your waist and hanging clips to attach to knee-high socks or stockings. For hourglass shaped bodies and those who want to draw attention to the legs, the garter belt is a great lingerie option.

The body stocking is a one-piece garment covering the whole body from neck to the toe tips. Bodystockings are tight and made from delicate lace, bold fishnet or sheer fabric. It is often under similarly bold clothing. Bodystockings are suitable for all body types.

A body suit is one piece that is comprised of a bralette top and panties. Velvet, lace, sheer, straps, high neck or deep V bodysuits come in magical designs for women of all forms. However, it highly complements women with inverted triangle figures as well as rectangular ones.

G strings are a simple way to feel and look great. Whether you are trying to eliminate the pesky lines or showing off your assets, thongs are always in style. The different styles complement bodies of all forms.

V Cut Panties make every woman feel fabulous and sexy. The strappy sides complement curves and wider hips. They are great for apple, triangle, and hourglass shaped ladies.

Want to show your legs off? The camisole is appealing and comfortable to sleep in. It may come with matching shorts for those balmy sleepovers. The camisole complements all body forms.


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