Tips & Trends for Choosing Bridal Jewelry Properly

Every woman has her own ideas about the perfect bridal jewelry. While jewelry used to be about showing the wealth of the family, nowadays the design is in the foreground.

The bride of today expects the bridal jewelry to harmonize beautifully with her bridal gown and emphasize her beauty. It is important that the style really fits the bride. That’s why, to buy Wedding jewellery designs online India is now so varied. It ranges from classic pearls to opulent statement jewelery. Even romantic and filigree jewelery parts belong to this broad assortment. Because every bride has her own expectations concerning the bridal jewelry.

Our tip: Before you decide on a bridal jewelry, you should have already selected your wedding dress.

It often happens that brides spontaneously opt for a different style when trying on. Even if you’ve been dreaming of a particular dress for a lifetime, it’s possible that you suddenly decide otherwise. Because only with the fitting you will find out if you and your dream dress really belong together. And also, if you have a firm idea of ​​your dress, the jewelry should wait. Because small details, such as ornaments and neckline, are very crucial for the selection of bridal jewelry.

Preparations for the search of bridal jewelry

Very important: Set a financial limit for the bridal jewelry, so you have a frame.

Good bridal jewelry does not have to be expensive. Since frequently plated metals are used, bridal jewelry is very affordable. Especially if you do not wear much jewelry otherwise, it may make sense not to invest in real jewelry. Well-made costume jewelry spares your budget and lets you shine on the wedding day anyway.

It is important that the processed pearls and gemstones are high-quality processed and hold in solid frames hold. Also think about which pieces of jewelry you would like to wear at all. Because too much jewelry would only distract from you and the bridal gown, instead of underlining the appearance.

If you wear elaborate hair or a diadem, then earrings and necklace should not be too lush. The more expensive the wedding dress, the more restrained the jewelry should be and vice versa.

The rule is that jewelry and dress may not steal your show. 

The right style for bridal jewelry

There are many styles of bridal jewelry. Romantic jewelry is often accompanied by typical symbols such as hearts and flowers and, of course, matches the mood of a wedding. This jewelry style should be combined with a bridal gown, which spreads a similar mood. Ideal are clothes in the classic ball cut. Duchesse dresses and the classic A-line look equally adorable for romantic jewelry.

Fancy and avant-garde jewelry demands a dress like this. A one-shoulder robe or a mermaid-style dress are fine examples of this.

Perfect harmony and the latest trends

If you have an idea of ​​your bridal jewelry, you should also make sure that the individual pieces fit together. Ideal are jewelry sets in which everything is harmoniously coordinated. These sets are sorted differently, so you will find a wide selection. Some sets include a tiara, a necklace and matching earrings, while other sets include bracelets.

Look for the latest trends in the selection, but try to preserve your own style.

The bridal jewelry novelties offer not only completely new pieces of jewelery but also many classic elements, so that you will always find something suitable.

A trend for 2018 is perfect for all romantics who love the styles. Lush flower crowns replace the tiara and give the bride a casual look. If you have always dreamed of hovering like a fairy to the altar, then you will love this style. Even hairpins in the shape of butterflies or delicate single flowers are ideal for this look.

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