What should you look for when buying wedding rings?

The purchase of wedding rings is an important thing for a prospective couple, which must be handled with care. The rings are supposed to last a lifetime, look good and symbolize their eternal love. The story of the first wedding rings is already more than 1,000 years old. In India, a groom is said to have wrapped a red thread around his bride’s neck, and this custom still exists today. However, wedding rings, as we know them today, existed only in antiquity: Romans and Egyptians swore their eternal love in the exchange of two similar rings.

Claims to wedding rings

Wedding rings will often or briskly wear the bridal couple in the future. In the best case, the jewels are an eternal reminder of the most beautiful day in life, which remain forever on the ring finger. If you have a very tight budget, you should save at other ends, but not at the rings. Although the wedding celebration should be remembered as well as possible, but you should consider the following: The wedding celebration lasts only one day, the rings will last a lifetime! That’s why it pays to invest a little more in everything that is needed in the long term. For all other things you can save something.

The wedding ring budget

Money certainly has a big role in the context of wedding rings. Although the aspect of the piece of jewelry decides in the first place, many brides and grooms can not afford the most beautiful rings or they hesitate because the investment does not seem worthwhile to them. A common mistake: many buy a cheaper model with the idea of ​​upgrading the ring later. However, one should remember: You buy wedding rings once in a lifetime, and then you should spend a little more for it. If you want to save, you can, for example, look for bargains, remaining stock or wrestling from old collections. These are by no means rings with defects, they are merely shopkeepers who want to get rid of sellers because they receive new products.

Attention: As in many other areas, the bride and groom should buy their rings exclusively from verified retailers, because here too there are replicas and plagiarisms. The wedding rings quality differences are not recognizable to laymen. Only professionals know the exact wedding ring quality criteria and are able to distinguish a “fake” from the original.

Time to buy

“What you can do today, do not delay tomorrow” – a well-known wisdom that unfortunately is rarely followed. Even when buying a ring, many bridal couples can spend a lot of time just to stand empty handed or make compromises just before the wedding.

Some people are more spontaneous, others want to plan everything down to the smallest detail. Anyone who marries spontaneously, will probably get the rings accordingly. All others calculate their budget and therefore have to start searching early. As a rule of thumb: At least six months before the said day you should start the search. Especially those who want special engraving need to give the jewelers enough time to do the work. If the desired pair of rings was bought, the soon-to-be happy couple should try on the rings. Any weight fluctuations can be compensated two weeks before the wedding.

The selection process

In fact, choosing the right ring is not easy. Anyone who hardly wears jewelry will simply be “slain” by the sheer endless selection. Therefore the first rule: Leave your time. Sooner or later, everyone will find the matching pair of rings, so you should start with the selection as early as possible. Here are 5 tips for choosing the right design gold ring:

  • A professional consultation is of great importance for those interested. Laypeople often do not know about the different materials and choose by coincidence or appearance.
  • Beware of pattern rings. These are presented to customers more often because their value is low and a possible theft is less problematic. The problem: They not only look different from the originals, they also feel different.
  • Wedding rings should always match their straps and their characteristics. If you prefer gold jewelry, you do not have to opt for platinum or white gold for the wedding. Also in terms of design parallels to the rest of jewelry should be found.
  • With the favorite ring in the bag, the jeweler or goldsmith can not only determine the ring size more easily. The person skilled in the art can thus also form an image of the ring profile of the carriers. Abrasions provide information about wearing habits and help to find out which material is most suitable.
  • Those who have found the right pair of rings should not buy prematurely. The ring pair should be tested, not just for a few seconds. Wear the rings in the store for ten minutes, shake hands with each other. If the ring presses or causes pain, it is the wrong one.

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