How to select the best makeup artist near you?

Whether it is your wedding day or a friend, whether it is a birthday party or Christmas celebration, finding the right person to provide you with the makeup and hairstyle can be challenging and overwhelming for you. Without having the proper knowledge of what to look for in the best makeup artist, you can make a decision that might not be perfect for you.

To help you out with the best Houston makeup artist and hairstylist in town, here we have gathered the list of tips that would make decision making and shortlisting easy for you.

  • The first thing to know is never to select the makeup artist based on the pictures you see on Instagram and other social media networks. Because there are rarely any of them that are not edited, and the actual results might be pretty different. Look for the natural means for knowing how they work and for this, try visiting them or get feedback from the people who have hired them before you.
  • Instead of going for the examples of models, go for the real thing. If you liked the makeup of a certain bride or a particular group of people in an event, you can ask for the makeup artist’s name and then use it as a reference. People usually love to share this information.
  • Check whether the makeup artist has worked with someone with your features such as the hair, neck, and skin tone. Seeing their work on people with features similar to yours is going to be highly useful for you.
  • Check what products the makeup artist is using for his work. If you find a good variety of products, it would be something very healthy for your makeup because a variety of the products shows that the artist is skilled and knows how to blend several things.
  • Instead of going for the google reviews found on the net, use some reliable and accurate feedback sources, as discussed earlier.
  • Check whether the makeup artist will visit you for your makeup or be traveling to his place for it.
  • One of the most important things is the prices that the makeup artist has allocated for the makeup. Know his range and then decide whether he is suitable for your pocket or not.


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