Do’s and Don’ts about Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses that Nobody Told You Before

Summary: Burgundy dresses for bridesmaids are making rounds for the upcoming wedding season. So, here are a few tips you should follow.

For fall and winter weddings, burgundy seems to be the perfect match. The dark shade exudes the hues of warmth and royalty. Of course, burgundy dresses are trending throughout the year, but the shade looks fantastic in colder seasons. If you have been worrying about what would look good on you as a bridesmaid, a mermaid dress would be the answer.

Before you pick a dark wine-colored dress along with any pair of shoes, you should remember the dos and don’ts.

Since burgundy bridesmaid dresses tend to be seasonal, you need to follow measured steps. It is a flattering shade, but here is a brief guide on what you should do and don’t.

  • Do Pair it with Black Shoes

Black has been a reliable choice for ladies at some point in their lives, and black shoes do not fail to surprise a glamorous bridesmaid. Burgundy reflects a semi-dark shade, but a pair of black shoes focuses on midnight tones.

A pair of black shoes is not an overstatement but a classic choice. Most importantly, the black shoes perfect the dress and put a creative touch.

Well, there is nothing that can go wrong with this pair because of the balanced essence. It is perfect for a formal or semi-formal wedding and a black-tie event afterward.

  • Don’t Play Safe Always

Instead of thinking inside the box, experiment with colors. Burgundy itself is a bold shade, and you might be afraid of playing with the colors. A balanced contrast between burgundy and red might give off a fabulous result.

It is definitely something to steal the spotlight, but you can go bigger than this. Have you ever imagined pairing blue shoes with a burgundy dress? Try a pair of shoes in turquoise or cobalt with burgundy.

You can turn things around by pairing the wine-hued dress with purple shoes. There are multiple options to try with burgundy bridesmaid dresses, so don’t lose hope.

  • Do Bring a Royal Touch

As a bridesmaid, you deserve all fun. Hence, your outfit must convey what your heart desires. Burgundy is a powerful but shade. It is the color to associate with sophisticated, private events. For example, royal parties have a penchant for this rich and affluent color.

You can pair the majestic burgundy with the royal gold. The classic color combination is an amazing choice for any bridesmaid who would want to look like a diva. Gold brings a bold effect to your whole appearance effortlessly.

  • Don’t Shy away from Keeping Things Simple

Let’s be honest, going bold is not everyone’s taste. You should not feel pressured about it. Above everything, make sure you are comfortable with the idea.

If you seek comfort in simple things and neutral palettes, stick to it. So, you can try blush or beige with a burgundy strapless dress. The stilettos and halter neck can manage the oomph factor you have been looking for.

It is pretty and regular, and you can join the wow factor at the same time. Besides such a warm shade, you can focus on blush shoes, too. For maintaining simplicity, bring along a white purse. If it is a casual ceremony followed by an intimate luncheon, you would not feel odd. The pastel shades for accessories can tone down the richness brought by burgundy.

In the end, remember to have fun. Loosen up a bit, and catch up with your old friends. In case you are not ready for a gorgeous burgundy, you can switch to matte or light gold bridesmaid dresses. Do not go over the top, and everything will fall into places.

Author bio: Emilia Perez is a fashion blogger, and she has recently started a blog about different types of gold bridesmaid dresses. For a change, here she talks about a few dos and don’ts about burgundy bridesmaid dresses.


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